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Since 1999, ARC has established its European headquarters in Dusseldorf, Germany.  ARC has several offices across Europe, located throughout Germany, Belgium, and France.  ARC European analysts cover a wide range of topics including Industrie 4.0, smart machinery, sensors, automation, plant and enterprise software. 

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Future Automation Architectures

Hydrogen Generation

ARC Europe Viewpoints

Jim Frazer — Project Success Story

GetBlok Farms Enters Renewable Energy Agreement with ENGIE

GetBlok Farms has entered into a two-year renewable energy agreement with ENGIE Resources LLC, a subsidiary of ENGIE North America. This renewable energy purchase includes Renewable Energy Cred

Jim Frazer — Technology Trends

LoRaWAN and the Sustainability Revolution

In the rapidly evolving landscape of energy and sustainability, certain technologies stand out for their transformative potential. LoRaWAN is one such technology that's making waves.