3D Visualization Capabilities to APM to be Provided by GE Digital Partnership with Visionaize

By Craig Resnick

Acquisition or Partnership

GE Digital announced a technology partnership with Visionaize, a provider of operational 3D visualization capabilities. This technology is designed to help empower data-driven businesses with high accuracy 3D Visualizationvisualization capabilities for operational use cases that can help to save time, reduce cost, and improve safety. Visionaize’s V-Suite Starter can be incorporated into GE Digital’s APM Mechanical Integrity software, which is designed to help streamline maintenance activities and improve worker efficiency across asset intensive industries.

While industrial companies can choose to review data and information in a number of formats, including plant blueprints, Piping and Instrumentation Diagrams (P&ID), and Isometrics through various means of CAD/CAM software solutions, the implementation of V-Suite Starter is designed to allow users to view real-time and historical asset data on the 3D model to deliver more timely and important insights at the point of action. The 3D visualizations of key asset information combine “see it, model it, and understand future behavior” to help asset-intensive companies better solve key challenges associated with asset downtime, faster time to resolution, maintenance costs, and workforce productivity.

Visionaize integrates 3D plant models with APM Mechanical Integrity to provide data-driven visualization of key APM Integrity attributes by color coding the model to filter out noise and focus on what is most important. The ability to dynamically visualize and contextualize data for operations and maintenance activities helps to make inspectors, planners, maintenance technicians, corrosion analysts, and Risk Based Inspection (RBI) analysts more efficient and effective in their roles.

Utilizing 3D visualization in GE Digital’s APM solution can help to improve worker safety and productivity with situational awareness and the ability to spend less time in hazardous environments. An accurate 3D model is designed to allow recovery planning before workers access the site itself to help facilitate faster time to resolution. It can also help to better optimize maintenance programs with more efficient scheduling to accelerate planned and unplanned downtime activities.

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