ABB Adds Two AI-powered Applications to the ABB Ability Electrical Distribution Control System

By Ralph Rio

Company and Product News

ABB has added two new AI-powered applications to the ABB Ability Electrical Distribution Control System (EDCS): Energy Forecasting and Intelligent Alerts.  ABB developed the AI functions in partnership with Silicon Valley AI specialist Verdigris Technologies as part of the company’s Open Innovation program.  The Energy Forecasting app will enable users to reduce their electricity bills by reducing peak demand charges.  The Intelligent Alerts app uses machine learning algorithms to help customers better manage their assets, identifying underlying issues before they become problems.

ABB Ability Energy Forecasting uses AI to give facility managers accurate power consumption predictions.  Energy Forecasting enables them to take timely action to reduce unplanned consumption spikes by rescheduling or switching off non-critical loads – and taking full advantage of Time of Use (TOU) tariffs.

The Energy Forecasting AI uses neural network methods to identify and learn patterns in a circuit or a building’s energy consumption, while also factoring in weather data.  Using weather forecasts and historical data, Energy Forecasting is then able to predict power consumption (kW) for the next 24 hours, updating its forecast every 15 minutes with best-in-class accuracy.

ABB Ability Intelligent Alerts uses machine learning to help customers better manage critical assets.  Intelligent Alerts learns how various factors affect the building and key assets so that it can minimize the distraction of false alerts and information overload, allowing facility teams to focus their time more productively.  Intelligent Alerts also identifies the relevant circuits and makes potential recommendations to ensure any response can be swift and decisive.

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