ABB and Hydrogen Optimized to Explore Development of Large-Scale Green Hydrogen Production Systems

By Ralph Rio

Acquisition or Partnership

ABB and Hydrogen Optimized have signed Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) to jointly explore the development of large-scale green hydrogen production systems connected to the electrical grid to offer a clean, sustainable and affordable energy source.

Hydrogen Optimized has ambitions to use its high current water electrolysis technology at scale to produce green hydrogen for emerging clean applications across industries, including chemical, utility and transportation.  ABB’s hydrogen research team will explore electrical power supply optimization through projects involving ABB high power rectifier (HPR) systems.

Together, the companies plan to prove that Hydrogen Optimized’s RuggedCell water electrolysis technology can be used to develop an integrated product solution based on a 100MW single module plant design concept.

The MoU signed by the companies formalizes the agreement to explore the implementation of a demonstration system as well as the preparation of a 100MW plant design and commercialization strategies.

This collaboration advances the commercial availability and feasibility of large-scale green hydrogen systems.  Applications using green hydrogen include zero emission transportation fuel supply, ammonia and other chemical production with non-fossil sources of hydrogen, and green metal production with hydrogen instead of a coking-type process.


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