ABB Launches ABB Adaptive Execution for Increasing Value of Capital Projects

By Harry Forbes

Company and Product News

ABB announced the global launch of ABB Adaptive Execution, which integrates expert teams, new technologies, agile processes, shared learnings, and proven methodologies into a single, project execution experience for all stakeholders involved in major capital investment projects.

In the energy sector, it is not uncommon for large capital projects to significantly exceed budget and experience extensive delays.  ABB Adaptive Execution addresses major inefficiencies that result in cost and schedule overruns.  It enables greater visibility across all layers of a project, unlocking significant project value improvements across the energy sector. With digitalization and collaboration at its core, Adaptive Execution is expected to reduce automation related capital expenditure by up to 40 per cent, compress delivery schedules by up to 30 per cent and start-up hours by up to 40 per cent. 

Using virtualization, Adaptive Execution removes the need for engineering on site and reduces the physical hardware required for a control and automation system. By decoupling hardware and software, Adaptive Execution lowers the time and overall setup costs, cutting the number of engineering hours spent on project installation, commissioning and testing by up to 85 per cent.

Harnessing efficient modular design, combined with standardized, repeatable processes and shared and effective deployment of infrastructure, tools, and resources, ABB Adaptive Execution centralizes collaboration across all project stakeholders — from a project’s inception through to its successful completion.

Harry Forbes, ARC Advisory Group, commented, “Services are the most critical factor and differentiator in today’s automation market. A chronic challenge of capital-intensive projects is that the differing skill sets and objectives of equipment suppliers, EPC firms, and owner operators reduces their level of collaboration.  This can cause serial workflows, end-loaded work, schedule delays, and cost overruns. That’s all too common. ABB Adaptive Execution has taken a comprehensive information and change management approach not only to ABB’s internal engineering processes and tools, but with a view toward supporting other project stakeholders, especially owner-operators and EPC firms. Furthermore, ABB extends this approach from measurement and automation to electrification.”

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