Accruent Unveils EMS Flex, Intelligent Workspace Booking Software for Hybrid Work Environment

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Accruent announced the release of a new intelligent workspace booking software that offers Workspace Booking Softwareunparalleled flexibility and convenience for office workers. Using employee preferences, EMS Flex Software suggests the optimal desk or workspace, which employees can reserve in one click. This SaaS platform was developed specifically to maximize productivity and optimize space utilization in hybrid work environments.

In addition to one-click desk and workspace booking, EMS Flex offers unique features for hybrid work environments, including:

  • The ability to search and filter spaces by user preferences
  • Easy office floor map management
  • Opt-in tools for displaying colleague locations
  • Space utilization reporting and dashboards

EMS Flex is a cloud platform that’s quick to deploy, configure, and implement, so organizations will realize the value almost immediately. The lightweight SaaS tool is device-agnostic and can be used to reserve workspaces in a single location or across an organization’s global footprint. To better meet hybrid work goals and make informed decisions about space requirements, organizations can use space utilization data to discover which spaces are being fully utilized, underutilized, or unused. The result is lower overhead and more productive and collaborative teams.

And as employees demand more flexibility in terms of where and how they get work done, EMS Flex helps them attain that flexibility while ensuring the workforce remains productive and collaborative. By allowing employees to find and reserve the ideal workspace for the day, employee well-being improves — as does performance.

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