Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) Market Update

Author photo: Jim Frazer
ByJim Frazer

Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) Market Update is an interview hosted by ARC’s own, that provides listeners an opportunity to hear from the analysts themselves about their most recent findings and key takeaways. For more than three decades, ARC has been recognized globally for our detailed market analyses and unrivaled accuracy. Producing a market research analysis requires an immense amount of effort, expertise, and attention to detail. Expect questions regarding scope, major trends, supplier landscapes, and much more. This interview features Jim Frazer, he speaks about his market analysis on Advanced Metering Infrastructure.

What is the Scope of this market analysis?

The scope of this report is quite extensive. It examines the global market for advanced metering infrastructure from the years, 2022. Out to 2027. We cover a range of sectors of residential, commercial, and industrial markets. We focus on the 3 main applications for AMI, which are gas, water, and electricity. We touch on all the various components that comprise that infrastructure. That's the internal devices, the back hole technologies, cloud services. We looked at growth trends. Across 4 major regions that would be Asia, Amir, North America, and Latin America. we even drilled down to country specific geographies as well. In addition, we provide insights into almost a hundred ecosystem participants and suppliers. Many of those may be of interest for acquisition candidates if some larger suppliers are interested in verticalization efforts.

What is the supplier landscape of this market? Who are some of the larger players and some of the up-and-coming suppliers entering the market?

At the risk of leaving out several supplies, I'll just touch on some of the major ones that we really focus upon. Itron, known for its AMI energy management solutions. Landis & Gear, a Swiss company that provides AMI systems.  Elster, a German based firm with energy management and AMI solutions. We also discuss in depth at Clara and Census both American based companies offering energy and water management solutions. Camstrop is a Danish firm with energy and water solutions as well. Those are just the tip of the iceberg and there's also many upcoming suppliers that are making their mark that are that are listed in our in our study.

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Jim has over 30 years’ experience in this domain with a focus on intelligent transportation systems, smart grid, and smart city applications and technologies.

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