ARC 2017 Industrial Cybersecurity Survey

By Sid Snitkin

ARC Report Abstract

Executive Overview

ARC Advisory Group has been providing research and consulting to the industrial control system (ICS) community for over three decades. This work spans the full spectrum of ICS products and services used by process and discrete manufacturers as well as infrastructure organizations in critical sectors like power, water and wastewater, transportation, etc. Industrial cybersecurity has become a key focus of ARC’s research.

In addition to market reports on a wide range of cybersecurity products and services, ARC has provided custom consulting support to industrial owner/operators for critical issues such as cybersecurity strategies and new investment planning. ARC has also developed tools like the industrial cybersecurity maturity model to help companies assess and improve plant cybersecurity programs.

Industrial cybersecurity continues to evolve across industrial settings. New developments like cloud applications and the industrial internet of things (IIoT) are forcing companies to expand practices and address issues like IT-OT convergence. ICS cybersecurity is also gaining a foothold in new areas like smart cities and building management systems.

 ARC Industrial Cybersecurity Maturity Model icmm.JPG

This report analyzes the results of the recent ARC 2017 industrial cyber-security survey. It provides information that can help companies regard-less of their cybersecurity maturity. The chapter, “Building an Effective Cybersecurity Program,” can help companies that are just starting their cybersecurity journeys. “Addressing Cybersecurity Resource Challenges” can help companies address the critical shortage of ICS cybersecurity expertise. “Industrial Cybersecurity Technology Adoption Strategies” provides useful guidance for managers that want to gain control of “whack-a-mole” reactions to every new threat.

ARC Industrial Cybersecurity Maturity Model

ARC developed the Industrial Cybersecurity Maturity Model to help industrial managers understand their cybersecurity challenges without having to become cybersecurity experts. This helps managers ensure that cybersecurity investments align with their actual needs and willingness to accept cyber risks. It enables them take replace “whack-a-mole” requests for new technology with rational evaluation of cost-benefit tradeoffs.

Table of Contents

  • Executive Overview

  • ARC Industrial Cybersecurity Maturity Model

  • Building an Effective Industrial Cybersecurity Program

  • Addressing Cybersecurity Resource Challenges

  • Industrial Cybersecurity Technology Adoption Strategies

  • Research Methodology

  • ARC Cybersecurity Market Research



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