ARC EIF 2017 off to a Good Start

By Constanze Schmitz

Company and Product News

ARC's European industry forum has started this morning in the Spanish coastal town of Sitges. The well-attended event will feature a variety of plenary sessions as well as hands-on workshops over the next 2 days. 

Under the motto: Realizing the Digital Enterprise, the participants can find out more about how the digital enterprise will be realized and the benefits that this can bring.  They will have the opportunity to discover what their peers are doing today and what steps they are taking in their respective journeys.

  • How will disruptive technologies change existing products and plants?
  • Is digitalization a threat to cybersecurity and, if so, how can the risk be mitigated?
  • How 'smart' are smart machines, and what benefit will these bring? 
  • How do Big Data and predictive and prescriptive analytics enable operational change? 
  • How do connected products create opportunities in aftermarket services?
  • What software capabilities are needed to achieve transformational change? 
  • Which industries are already changing? 
  • What steps can organizations take to foster innovative thinking?


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