ARC to Present at ICS Conference in Atlanta Next Week

By Larry O'Brien

Technology Trends

ARC will be attending and presenting at the ICS Cyber Security Conference next week in Atlanta.  ICS is a big event for those in the world of ICS cybersecurity and is organized by SecurityWeek magazine.  I will be delivering a presentation on cybersecurity as it relates to the process of supplier selection.  There isn’t a very clear roadmap for the growing market of ICS cybersecurity solutions, and many end users don’t have key cybersecurity-related criteria built into their selection process for things like DCSs, process safety systems, and other systems, applications, and devices.  This presentation will provide some more detail on how ARC views the selection process as well as some of the key elements of success, best practices, and some of the more unique aspects of the world of ICS that can make it so challenging.  


There is a full agenda of good speakers at this conference, including Edna Conway of Cisco, Robert Lee of Dragos, and Juan Lopez. Jr. of Oak Ridge National Labs.  Some of the key topics include threat hunting, cybersecurity and process safety systems (TRITON/TRISIS), training, standards, and more.  

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