Arm Expands Cortex-M Portfolio to Bring AI to the Smallest IoT Devices

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ByPatrick Arnold
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The new Cortex-M52 from Arm, a global semiconductor and software design company, is a small, cost-efficient processor enabled with Arm Helium technology to deliver enhanced AI capabilities for lower-cost and smallest IoT devices. Arm processors are widely Smallest IoT Devicesused in industrial devices and are increasingly a part of the growing edge compute ecosystem.

While Generative AI and Large Language Models (LLMs) are first and foremost in the broader discussion of AI, smaller machine learning models are already being embedded in homes, cities, and industry. Called the AI of Things (AIoT), on-machine intelligence is being deployed in cost-sensitive devices with constrained requirements for size and power efficiency.

The Cortex-M52 includes Arm Helium technology, which is geared to optimizing digital signal processing and machine learning applications for small, low power embedded devices, enabling the deployment of more compute-intensive inference algorithms in endpoints without dedicated neural processors. The processor extends the Armv8.1-M Cortex-M portfolio to a new efficiency point, providing the lowest area and power implementation of any Helium-enabled Cortex-M currently offered by Arm.

Traditional embedded developers grapple with the mathematical, data analysis, toolchain expertise and programming skills required for AI. Arm is focusing on developer enablement by delivering the critical features and capabilities required in a modern development flow. The Cortex-M52 is software-compatible with the previous releases Cortex-M55 and Cortex-M85, allowing developers to leverage the existing Helium ecosystem to streamline AIoT development.

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