Automation Expo 2019 Showcases Innovations in Automation

By Sharada Prahladrao

Technology Trends

The 14th edition of Automation Expo 2019 was held last month with around 650 exhibitors and 50,000 visitors.  It is the largest automation event in India and considered to be the “Hanover of Automation Expo 2019India.”  The exhibition showcases the best innovations in automation across industries.  This event is held annually in Mumbai - the commercial capital of India - with easy access to a highly concentrated region of industrial hubs in Pune, Nashik, Aurangabad, Belgaum, Vadodara, Vapi, and Ahmedabad, among others.  The exhibition saw the convergence of entrepreneurs, technocrats, government officials, business leaders, etc.  Fund managers and venture capitalists had one-to-one meetings with technology providers seeking investment opportunities and exploring possibilities of mergers & acquisitions to create sustainable business models for the future.  ARC Advisory Group was a logo sponsor for this event, and G. Ganapathiraman, Vice President and General Manager, ARC Advisory Group, India is on the Board of Governors (BOG).  Raman was a keynote speaker at the Industrial IoT conference and a speaker at the CEO Summit too. 

At the event visitors and exhibitors could:

  • Network and generate potential leads
  • Exhibit expertise to decision makers
  • Share information and learn best practices
  • Understand what competitors are doing and set benchmarks

The Theme: Digitalization and Industry 4.0

Automation Expo 2019The theme of this year’s Automation Expo was digitalization and Industry 4.0.  Digital transformation is emerging as a driver of sweeping change in the world around us.  Connectivity has shown the potential to empower millions of people, while providing businesses with unparalleled opportunities for value creation and capture.  Speakers highlighted the digital disruptions across industries: digital twins, edge, blockchain, AI-driven development, etc.  The panel discussion on digital disruption brought forth multiple perspectives on the imperatives of contextualizing data into valuable information and insight.  The two focus areas of digitalization in the engineering space are: unlock experience and increase efficiency.  To ride the wave of digital disruption, organizations must:

  • Think outside the box
  • Look beyond current issues to baseline shifts
  • Anticipate and prepare for innovations


Five essential competencies of digital transformation highlighted by a speaker:

  • Automated workflow
  • Decision support analytics
  • Mobility
  • Change Management
  • Workforce upskilling

The Digital Imperative

All these topics, under the broad umbrella of “digitalization,” were discussed in-depth at this year’s Automation Expo.   According to Dr M Arokiaswamy, Managing Director, IED Communications and host of this  event, “Automation is no longer an emerging trend or a cutting edge technology for the future.  It is the reality we need to live with, here and now.  Today there is a pressing need for every industry in India to embrace automation to take on global competition.”

The benefits of digitalization are well known – lower costs, better quality, improved productivity, and shorter time to market.  Yet implementation is either delayed, waiting for an opportune time, or done as and when the need arises.  There is no precise moment when it comes to digitalization; it is now – should have been yesterday, actually.

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