The AVEVA Acquisition by Schneider Electric Is Complete

Author photo: Craig Resnick
By Craig Resnick
Acquisition or Partnership

Schneider Electric's acquisition of AVEVA has been completed.  Since its foundation, AVEVA has grown from a niche design software developer to a leading global industrial software company with a value of more than £10bn.

AVEVA AcquisitionSchneider Electric and AVEVA together help to further enable a more holistic approach to digital transformation across a customer’s operations. This can help to drive step-change improvements through a reduction in energy, carbon and resource intensity, which can further accelerate a customer's journeys toward greater efficiency and sustainability.

AVEVA’s strategic focus is on becoming the number one SaaS provider of software and industrial information and evolving to a subscription-only business model. The acquisition will help to accelerate this transition.

While AVEVA will now be wholly owned and part of Schneider Electric, intentions have been set out to preserve AVEVA’s business autonomy, future R&D investments, and enhancement of the potential benefits for customers and meeting their needs faster with a stronger portfolio of solutions.

As a result of the acquisition, AVEVA is now more optimally placed, with the collaboration of not just Schneider Electric but all of its partners, to help drive innovation, change and value for its customers. 

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