AVEVA Customers to Realize Acceleration of the Deployment of Enterprise Visualization

By Craig Resnick

Company and Product News

AVEVA has announced two new industry templates for customers to further accelerate the deployment of enterprise visualization. The AVEVA Unified Operations Center for Water and AVEVA Unified Operations Center for Renewables solutions underline the company’s continuous efforts to help support its global Deployment of Enterprise Visualizationcustomers’ sustainability initiatives and objectives.

AVEVA Unified Operations Center solutions for water and renewable power further enable customers to leverage deeper insight and operational guidance from many geographically dispersed assets, delivering enterprise visualization that can further accelerate their business goals and contribute towards their net-zero targets.

Enterprise visualization solutions, such as AVEVA Unified Operations Center, help teams and users tasked with organization-wide responsibilities. They make content available through a single pane-of-glass environment, where data from Operations Technology (OT), Information Technology (IT), and Engineering Technology (ET) converge to provide additional actionable information in context for industrial operations.

AVEVA Unified Operations Center offers a centralized view to help improve decision making due to established capabilities in collecting, visualizing and analyzing data, providing more action-centric information within a system-of-systems approach. The solution connects people, assets, systems and sites, further empowering customers with contextual data to make key decisions.

With the new integrations, companies in the water and renewable power sectors can better leverage the benefits of integrated and enhanced visibility, enabling deeper insights for quicker and more accurate decision-making to help drive sustainability. The solutions enable increased agility, allowing teams to make decisions in parallel to each other, which expedites responses to performance events and drives further reductions in energy consumption and production through additional optimization opportunities

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