AWS Launches Industrial Data Fabric (IDF)

Author photo: Peter Manos
ByPeter Manos
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At the 2023 Hannover Messe conference, Amazon Web Service (AWS) made noteworthy announcements, including the announcement of its Industrial Data Fabric (IDF).

Business leaders can leverage the AWS Industrial Data Fabric (IDF) to build the foundation for digital Industrial Data Fabricindustrial transformation and optimize operations across multiple cases beyond a single proof-of-concept such as in quality, maintenance, materials management, and process optimization.

IDF includes an Open Industrial Data Architecture which facilitates best design practices for storage and accessibility of industrial data with open data interoperability between AWS Services and AWS Partner Solutions so that manufacturers are not locked into propitiatory data schemas, or building additional data silos in the cloud.

AWS enables the IDF in a number of ways, with AWS Solutions, prescriptive solution guidance like reference architectures, partner solutions with Element, General Electric, Mendix Multi-App Platform Package, and AWS Services.

An example of Solution Guidance for the Industrial Data Fabric (IDF) is an ‘Industrial Data’ AWS Well-Architected Lens with architectural guidance and best practices for AWS Services and partner solutions that enable manufacturers to accelerate and scale the ingestion, contextualization and the ability to act on their industrial and enterprise data across the value chain.

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