Azbil Launches High-Accuracy Mass Flow Controller with High-Speed Response

By Shin Kai

Company and Product News

Azbil Corporation launched its digital mass flow controller model F4Q. The new controller features high-speed response and high accuracy, providing at-a-glance understanding of control status. The F4Q’s large Mass Flow ControllerLED indicator allows users to immediately know the control status while the detailed LCD enables quick yet comprehensive understanding of the control status.

Currently, the widespread use of general mass flow controllers without display or operation keys makes it necessary to create a system for checking the control status and setting the target flow rate, or else to install a separate display and operation unit.

Azbil, which has been quick to provide controllers equipped with a display and operation keys, now offers the F4Q, with its improved usability. Various data can be instantly checked onsite with the detailed display that shows a large amount of information, and the control status can be quickly understood by the color and state of the large LED indicator.

Features of the F4Q include as follows:

  • Instead of the 7-segment 4-digit numerical display on Azbil’s conventional controllers, the F4Q is equipped with a detailed LCD. Additionally, the large LED indicator, which lights up in multiple colors and blink patterns, provides quick understanding of the status.
  • The controller has a high accuracy of 1% of the set point over a wide range of flow rates (with conventional models, the accuracy decreases in lower flow ranges).
  • High-speed 0.3-second response.


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