Bedrock Automation’s Intrinsic Cyber Defense Makes Cybersecurity Easier for End Users

Author photo: Mark Sen Gupta
By Mark Sen Gupta

ARC Advisory Group recently met with Bedrock Automation for an update on the company’s progress to date and overall strategy.  Bedrock has been busy expanding its portfolio to include secure power supplies, connectivity to third-party devices, and extending cybersecurity to networks and applications. Although the company has quite a few products in development, one theme is consistent: intrinsic cybersecurity.

Everything Bedrock creates is designed to provide a strong holistic defense against networked and non-networked attacks.  The hardware is designed to withstand physical and electronic attacks.  Authentication is embedded at the chip level to protect against rogue control system parts being inserted into the system. That same authentication is being rolled out to support communications with edge devices and PC-based applications as well.

Key ideas Bedrock Automation highlighted during the briefing:

  • Cybersecurity strategies must address more than network attacks
  • Intrinsic cybersecurity makes it easier for users
  • Any component not protected is a potential liability



Current Cyber Threats
The majority of control systems in use today are vulnerable to cyber-attacks.  These systems were designed before current hacking technology existed.  The industry has witnessed determined and coordinated efforts by hackers to breach control systems.  Weaknesses in IP-connected devices have been exploited. 

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