Belden Launches High-Performance Industrial Automation Networking Products with Fast Lead Times

Author photo: Chantal Polsonetti
ByChantal Polsonetti
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Belden, a leading global supplier of specialty networking solutions, announced the launch of new industrial Industrial Automation Networking Productsautomation networking products with fast lead times that are designed to give customers new integration capabilities. 

Coupled with complementary announcements in their cable and connectivity lines, the newly released products provide new ways to safely carry power over long distances.

New Industrial Automation Networking Products Include:

  1. Hirschmann BXS Gigabit Switches:  reliable, cost-effective solutions for industrial engineers and train builders who need to ensure fast, powerful connectivity to end devices and passenger infotainment systems without using additional cabling.  The BXS switches can quickly connect and power end devices and passenger infotainment systems without the need for additional cables. Uniquely designed with rolling stock in mind, the BXS switches are built to withstand high vibrations and wide temperature ranges, as well as comply with all EMC and fire prevention requirements for rail vehicles.
  2. Hirschmann GREYHOUND 105/106 Ethernet Switches:  these devices combine hardened industrial hardware with high-performance switching capabilities to deliver fast, secure, cost-effective, and futureproof connectivity for modern industrial environments. Depending on network size, the GREYHOUND switches are multipurpose and highly configurable - serving at the backbone or aggregation layer. With a unique combination of high port density and Gigabit Ethernet speeds – all within a small form factor – these switches are ideal for any industrial application requiring high performance or security.


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