BlueCielo Introduces the New Meridian Mobile App

By Ralph Rio

Company and Product News

Recognizing the growing demand for mobility within asset-intensive businesses and organizations, BlueCielo introduces the new Meridian Mobile app. The BlueCielo Meridian Mobile app is fully integrated with BlueCielo Meridian software and reportedly gives customers secure remote access to their workflow and tasks information in Meridian whenever they are away from their desktops.

Meridian Mobile provides reviewers and approvers of asset documents with the ability to work anywhere, while benefitting from an increased effectiveness and efficiency, and tailored workflows to suit their organization. It provides users with mobile access to their BlueCielo Meridian vault “My To-Do List” and enables reviewers and approvers of asset documents to take swift action on their workflow tasks while they are away from their desk, expediting project delivery.

The Meridian Mobile app works with Meridian 2014 Standard or better, and is available free of charge in the Apple App Store, Google Play Store, and coming soon to the Windows Store.

Users can effectively and efficiently progress their action item list, search documents by properties, navigate with thumbnail images, and view available PDF renditions. In addition, they can include comments, reassign items to others, and take action on workflow items, such as ‘approve’ or ‘reject’ – all in a secure mobile environment. Organizations can configure BlueCielo Meridian vaults to align with their specific workflows and requirements to optimize workflows and facilitate best practices, including configurable workflows and actions. In addition to user authentication and rights management, mobile access can also be restricted to VP or LAN only for added security.

The new Meridian Mobile app extends BlueCielo Meridian, the software that manages asset information properties, documents, and drawings to connect maintenance and engineering, supports concurrent engineering, simplifies complex project management, and provides full proof of control for easy audits.

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