CBRS Alliance Rebrands to OnGo Alliance To Support Global Shared Spectrum Initiatives

By Chantal Polsonetti

Company and Product News

The CBRS Alliance, an industry organization focused on driving the development, commercialization, and adoption of OnGo shared spectrum solutions, announced it is expanding its mission to encompass 3GPP ctechnologies operating in shared spectrum bands around the globe – leveraging its members’ successes in commercializing the CBRS band in the United States.  To align with this broader objective, the CBRS Alliance rebrands to OnGo Alliance.

Through its efforts in bringing OnGo solutions to market successfully, the Alliance has developed considerable know-how on building an ecosystem, identifying and resolving policy and technical issues, stimulating wireless markets, and building industry consensus.  The applicability of much of this work extends beyond the CBRS band and the shores of the United States.

The Alliance’s broad knowledge and experience in the CBRS band will be critical to successfully enabling 3GPP technologies in other shared spectrum bands.  The major benefits of broadening the scope of the organization include:

  • The work that has been undertaken by the CBRS Alliance on technical specifications would form the basis of a new set of specifications that would encompass other bands.
  • The specifications should enable a consistent coexistence framework across networks in a range of frequency bands.
  • Deployment and Operational best practices, which are now being implemented in production, would be replicable in other bands.

It is critical to note that the OnGo Alliance’s work in the CBRS band will continue uninterrupted.  The OnGo Alliance will now be a potential resource to anyone looking to enable 3GPP-based services in shared spectrum bands, wherever they may be located.

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