China Issues "Implementation Plan for Promoting the Renewal of Equipment in the Industrial Field"

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The Chinese Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and seven other governmental agencies are spearheading distribution of an implementation plan approved by the Party Central Committee and the State Council designed to promote the renewal of equipment in the industrial field.  Promoting large-scale equipment renewal in the industrial field is seen as conducive to expanding effective investment, promoting the continuous increase in the proportion of advanced production capacity, and of great significance to accelerating the construction of a modern industrial system.

The implementation plan includes the following objectives to be achieved by 2027:

  • the scale of equipment investment in the industrial field is directed to increase by more than 25% compared with 2023,

  • the penetration rate of digital R&D and design tools and the numerical control rate of key processes of industrial enterprises above designated size will exceed 90% and 75% respectively,

  • production capacity below the energy efficiency benchmark level of key industries will be essentially withdrawn,

  • the energy efficiency of major energy-using equipment will basically reach the energy-saving level,

  • intrinsic safety level will be significantly improved,

  • the promotion and application of innovative products will be accelerated, and

  • the proportion of advanced production capacity will continue to increase.

Renewal of Equipment in the Industrial Field

The plan outlines both general requirements and key tasks associated with the renewal.  General requirements include promotion of large-scale equipment renewal in the industrial field, following standards guidance, and updating hardware and software.  Key tasks include advanced equipment renewal, digital transformation implementation, and promotion of energy-saving and environmentally friendly green equipment.  Improved intrinsic safety of petrochemical and civil explosives industries is also targeted, with the goal of unmanned dangerous jobs, implementation of mechanized substitution, automation reduction, and robot substitution.

The departments of industry and information technology in each region are responsible for the organization and implementation of equipment renewal in the industrial field in each region.

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