Cisco Edge Intelligence Now Available

By Chantal Polsonetti

Company and Product News

Cisco Edge Intelligence is a plug-and-play IoT software solution designed to greatly simplify IoT data extraction, transformation, and delivery to multiple destinations with granular data governance policies.  Edge Intelligence, which is tightly integrated with Cisco Edge Gateways, is remotely managed and configured using a SaaS (Software as a Service) based web portal.  Customers can configure their remote assets across numerous locations, as well as filter and send data with zero coding within a matter of minutes.

For advanced customers, Cisco Edge Intelligence provides a plugin to Microsoft Visual Studio.  This integration allows developers to write simple to complex JavaScript-based analytics scripts, then remotely debug and push the scripts to numerous gateway installations using Cisco’s cloud-based management services.

Cisco Edge Intelligence use cases so far vary from geographically distributed assets, such as Oil & Gas wells and water distribution facilities, to remote vessels and fleets and high-value industrial assets. In one of the early field trials the Port of Rotterdam used Edge Intelligence to remotely manage their patrol vessels. A patrol vessel is a data mine and generates thousands of data points per second. Its operators need to visualize and analyze that data to help with operations such as predictive maintenance and improved emergency response times. The goal was to extract, transform and deliver data to their analytics application. This trial went from architecture discussion to deriving value from data in less than two weeks. 

Other customers have used Edge Intelligence to bring data home to their applications residing on Azure IoT hub or Software AG’s Cumulocity as well as MQTT servers running on various cloud and on-prem infrastructures.

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