Convergence of Cybersecurity and Safety at ARC Industry Forum

By Larry O'Brien

Industry Trends

The role of cybersecurity as it relates to process safety systems became quite apparent with the late 2017 cyber-attack on a safety system that ultimately ended in the safe shutdown of an as yet unidentified Middle Eastern petrochemical facility. Often viewed as the last line of defense to shut down a plant safely in the event of an abnormal situation, attacks on safety systems have the potential to cause real harm in the physical world, and good ICS/SCADA cybersecurity policy must include rational approaches to process safety systems. We have a comprehensive series of workshops and sessions dedicated to cybersecurity at the annual ARC Industry Forum in Orlando this year, and the convergence of cybersecurity and safety is an important topic.  

The ARC Forum Shows how the Worlds of Cybersecurity and Safety are Converging
Safety Lifecycle Approaches like HAZOP are now Being Applied to Cybersecurity


Monday Workshop: Your Chance to Ask Questions

We have a Cybersecurity and Safety Convergence panel discussion on Monday Feb.4 at 2 PM. This session will discuss the relationships between safety and cybersecurity risks, the approaches companies are taking to mitigate these risks, and the benefits that can be gained by coupling the domain knowledge and best practices from the worlds of process safety and cybersecurity alike. This information will be of benefit to owner-operators, equipment suppliers, solution suppliers, and researchers interested in industrial cybersecurity and safety. 

Wednesday Presentations and Panel: What are Other End Users Doing?

On Wednesday, Feb. 5 at 4 PM we will host the Converging Worlds of Safety and Cybersecurity session, which will examine the increased interactions between the risk management, industrial cybersecurity, and process safety disciplines. This session will examine some of the ways that the worlds of safety and cybersecurity are cross-pollinating, and how that can improve overall safety and reduce cyber incidents. We look forward to seeing you at the ARC Forum!  

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