Cost Optimization for Electronic Logging Device by LTTS

Author photo: Sharada Prahladrao
BySharada Prahladrao
Project Success Story

Client Profile and Business Requirement: A leading global automotive fleet compliance product and Electronic Logging Deviceservices provider was facing cost-related challenges with the software solution for their electronic logging device. LTTS (L&T Technology Services) was selected for its expertise and experience in this field. During the consulting phase LTTS conducted discovery workshops and identified three potential business opportunities:

  • Existing DevOps had scope for process and cost optimization, as many processes were manual, with teams spread across locations.
  • Testing of fleet management portal with a hardware device was done manually.
  • Existing proprietary cloud was expensive and had restrictions.


LTTS’ Implementation Strategy: With its unique blend of engineering and IT expertise, LTTS enabled the following:

  • Automated test suite and device simulator that replaced the manual testing of the massive fleet management portal with a hardware device.   
  • Seamlessly migrated the expensive and restrictive cloud to AWS.
  • Migrated over 20 microservices-based applications and approximately ~4 TB data for more than 16,000 live devices in a span of just four months.
  • To rectify DevOps challenges, LTTS implemented DevOps pipeline reporting for accurate project monitoring and automated build generation.


Business Value: LTTS performed maintenance, support, performance engineering, and future enhancements for the fleet management application, while managing the device communication. LTTS’ approach helped the customer gain tangible business outcomes:

  • Reduced the testing time by 45 percent and improved the coverage by 100 percent.
  • Automated build generation to reduce its time by 30 percent.
  • Improved scalability to 50 to 60 percent over the next five years.
  • Solution supports over 50,000 users and up to 10,000 concurrent users.


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