The Cybersecurity Challenge of IT/OT Convergence

By Larry O'Brien

Technology Trends

The Industrial Internet of Things has moved beyond the hype, and end users are dealing with the challenges of implementing real-world IIoT technology in their plants. This trend is accelerating the convergence of IT and OT technologies, which has already been an issue for end users as commercial IT technologies become more pervasive in today’s control systems and worker roles and organizations continue to change.

The resulting cybersecurity challenges that come with this convergence are considerable. Cyber threats are on the rise. Malware and ransomware attacks are disrupting services and supply chains, leading to damaged equipment and impacting the company brand as well as the bottom line. It can be challenging to manage security personnel and the teams entrusted to safeguard company assets and operations, especially with limited budgets and resources. Communicating effectively with company leadership about cyber risks also holds its own set of challenges.


ISSSource Podcast with ARC and SANS Institute: Cybersecurity in The Age of Convergence

In this ongoing series of podcasts with ISSSource and Greg Hale, ARC’s Mark Luciw and SANS Institute’s Mike Assante discuss these convergence challenges and their impact on cybersecurity, which will be the focus of the upcoming SANS Institute workshop to be held at the ARC Orlando Forum on Feb. 11 at 4 p.m. This Sunday workshop will be led by Michael Assante and Doug Wylie of SANS Institute’s Industrial Practice Area. This workshop is intended for directors and managers responsible for the teams that defend company operations from current and future cyber threats.

Expect to:

  • Give critical thought to how IT and Operational Technology (OT) convergence affects your company
  • Gain a deeper understanding of your company’s security posture and consider its ideal future state
  • Discuss best practices for how to build a security action plan and ways to measure progress
  • Equip yourself to engage more effectively with your staff, peers and outside parties in cyber-risk decisions

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