Cyolo Partners with Dragos to Unveil Holistic Secure Remote Access Solution for Critical Infrastructure

Author photo: Larry O'Brien
ByLarry O'Brien
Acquisition or Partnership

Cyolo, the secure remote access company for operational technology (OT) and industrial control systems (ICS), announced a strategic partnership with Dragos, a global supplier of cybersecurity for ICS/OT. Under the umbrella of Cyolo’s CyoloVerse  partner program, Cyolo's PRO Secure Remote Access Platform will work with Dragos’s OT cybersecurity platform. This collaboration will provide organizations with an interoperable solution to protect their critical infrastructure against cyber threats.  

Solution for Critical Infrastructure

New technology implementations in ICS/OT environments pose unique risks for critical infrastructure. Today’s risks include lack of support for modern authentication or connectivity methods in traditional environments, connecting existing infrastructure with highly vulnerable end-of-life operating systems, or risk of breaches from third-party remote access.   

This interoperability is designed to provide OT customers visibility and management of their asset inventory and enhance asset vulnerability detection and remediation capabilities through a seamless secure controlled access platform.  

Bringing the Cyolo PRO platform alongside the Dragos OT-native network visibility and monitoring offerings gives an unparalleled advantage. The Dragos Platform enables organizations to scale protection, the threat intelligence to keep on top of current threats, and the tools to respond quickly to incidents. With Cyolo’s role-based access, application, and policy control, in the future the Dragos Platform will be able to manage Cyolo’s Identity-based parameters (users, applications, resources, policy) in accordance with SOC/IR policies and guidelines.   

Together Cyolo and Dragos deliver a comprehensive ICS/OT security framework based on the five critical controls of effective ICS/OT security: 

  • ICS incident response—which integrates operational insights into incident handling, enhancing system integrity and recovery (Dragos) 

  • Defensible architecture—ensuring robust visibility, segmentation, and enforcement mechanisms to bridge technological and human aspects of security (Dragos and Cyolo PRO) 

  • ICS network visibility monitoring—employing continuous monitoring and protocol-aware tools to detect and address potential vulnerabilities (Dragos) 

  • Remote Access Security—ensuring safe and secure stringent access control in the face of evolving hybrid work environments (Cyolo PRO). 

  • Risk-based vulnerability management — prioritizing and addressing vulnerabilities based on their potential to pose significant operational risks, thereby ensuring proactive prevention, response, and recovery actions (Dragos and Cyolo PRO).  

The solution plans to integrate Cyolo PRO and the Dragos Platform through an API architecture or operator console. It will deliver visibility and control of critical digital assets through secure identity-based access. Together, both companies will deliver simpler, stronger, and more efficient security controls that lay the foundation for Zero Trust (NIST 800-207). 

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