Digital Construction Works Announces Availability of JDLink Wireless Connectivity

By Ralph Rio

Company and Product News

Digital Construction Works (DCW) announces the availability of JDLink Connectivity, a John Deere wireless Wireless Connectivityconnectivity solution, in its DCW Integrations Platform as a service (iPaaS) Marketplace.

The JDLink integration enables telematics data from John Deere-connected machines to aggregate into the DCW Integrations Platform for use within automated workflows, dashboards, and reports. Combined with other integrated data sources, like machine control and scheduling systems, integration provides deeper insight into site activities allowing optimization of projects, machine, and operator performance.


  • Get machine location and performance data from JDLink
  • Get organizational and fleet information from JDLink
  • Access information anywhere, anytime


  • Visualize data points like fuel consumption and idle time on a central dashboard
  • Gain deeper insight into machine performance through a combination of JDLink data points with task information and information from machine control systems
  • Learn about operator behavior through a combination of JDLink data points with machine control systems
  • Detailed insight into fuel consumption and CO2 emissions related to on-site activities by combining JDLink data with machine control systems
  • Run day-to-day operations with ease 

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