Embedded Systems Power the Intelligent Edge

Author photo: Rick Rys and Dick Slansky
ByRick Rys and Dick Slansky
ARC Report Abstract

As manufacturers implement IIoT ecosystems that connect their machines, equipment, and production systems to the digital enterprise, embedded systems technology will provide intelligence “at the edge.” In today’s connected factories and plants, embedded systems provide the foundation for the next generation of smart connected IoT devices and the digital enterprise. These intelligent edge devices can aggregate and analyze sensor and other data and stream information to support predictive analytics platforms and the concept of the digital twin.

Embedded systems power intelligent edge devices and smart sensors provide actionable information to support asset monitoring, data analytics, process alarming, process control, machine learning, and the emerging AI ability for machines to make sense of and act on complex data patterns. Increasingly, the computational capabilities in on-site servers and cloud computing are migrating into the gateways and edge devices for IIoT networks.

It comes as no surprise that the first phase of IIoT will be the proliferation of intelligent edge devices. If industry is to move to ecosystems of smart connected machines and production systems, the first step is to create a digital environment that securely connects factories and plants using intelligent devices that can access, capture, aggregate, and analyze data at the production process and provide actionable information to enable operations, maintenance, and plant and product engineering and support groups to optimize how products are designed, manufactured, and supported. Embedded systems technology will be a prime enabler for this.

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