Emerson Acquires Zedi’s Software and Automation Businesses

By Tim Shea

Acquisition or Partnership

Emerson has announced that it has completed the purchase of Zedi’s software and automation businesses.  The addition of Zedi’s cloud supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) platform will further enable Emerson to help oil and gas producers increase production and lower operating costs through cloud-based monitoring, control and optimization.

Zedi’s technology is currently enabling customers to monitor more than 2 million sensors and thousands of devices and applications.  By combining Zedi’s scalable cloud platform and applications expertise with Emerson’s extensive applications, controller, instrumentation and flow metering portfolio, this acquisition expands opportunities for Emerson across the global oil and gas production market.

Emerson and Zedi’s software and automation businesses share a common vision of automating the production process through edge and cloud analytics and machine learning.  The combined software and expertise of the two companies will provide producers with scalable and easily deployable end-to-end connected solutions to optimize and manage their operations.

Zedi’s software and automation businesses are based in Calgary, Canada, with approximately 155 employees in North America.


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