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The Emerson Exchange EMEA 2024 "Explore.Engage.Evolve” brought together more than 2,000 customers, partners, and experts from across the globe to share insights, best practices, and innovations in the field of automation and digital transformation. The event was held in Düsseldorf, Germany, from February 27th to 29th, and featured over 250 sessions, workshops, and demonstrations, as well as a exhibition area and lots of networking opportunities.

John Nita, president Emerson Automation Solutions Europe outlined the company's vision and strategy for helping customers achieve top quartile performance. He also emphasized Emerson’s core values: sustainability, safety and people. In his contribution, Lal Karsanbhai, CEO of Emerson, affirmed his passion for sustainability and focused on how the company is decarbonizing its operation while helping others to achieve their sustainability objectives. 
Mathias Schinzel, President Middle East and Africa, together with Manuela Taccia, Vice President Italy, explained how AI could actually boost inequality, depending on who is developing the algorithms behind the tool. Mike Train, Chief Sustainability Officer together with CTO Peter Zornio focused on how Emerson is achieving its sustainability goals, encouraging its own employers in the initiative, and helping the industry through the company’s solutions. 

Boundless Automation 
The concept most highlighted was Boundless Automation. This is how Emerson envisions the future of automation architecture, as “an industry inflection point to address data barriers & modernize operations”. Today, the industry is suffering from siloed system architectures, data islands, hardware-centric perception, single-site operation and other challenges that limiting the value we can get from data. The future generation of industrial automation architecture is set to dismantle barriers and data silos throughout the intelligent field, edge, and cloud. By integrating these diverse systems through a cohesive data fabric, it will provide insights and enable companies to optimize operations.

Technical Sessions
The technical sessions covered a wide range of topics, such as digital transformation, operational excellence, asset performance, process optimization, safety and security, energy and emissions, and industry-specific solutions. The speakers included Emerson experts, customers, and partners, who shared their knowledge, experience, and best practices. 

Exhibition Area
The exhibition area showcased Emerson's products, solutions, and services, as well as those of its partners. The visitors could interact with the experts, see live demonstrations, and experience the technologies first-hand. Some of the highlights were: the sustainability zone, showing different solutions that can enable companies to reach their decarbonization objectives; the technology zone, where users could experience a wide range of wireless and non-intrusive sensors; and the industries area, where Emerson shared examples on how they are helping companies to tackle their challenges related to sustainability and energy transition.

Conclusions and final highlights
The Emerson Exchange EMEA 2024 was a memorable and rewarding event that delivered value, learning, and inspiration to the attendees. Emerson demonstrated they understand the challenges that different companies in the industry are facing, and that they are able to provide practical and real solutions for today and tomorrow. A longer article covering the event has been published on LinkedIn.

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