Emerson Global Users Exchange EMEA 2018

By Constanze Schmitz

Company and Product News

Under the motto: Connect, Communicate, Create, the Emerson Global User exchange 2018 in The Hague’s World Forum in the Netherlands attracted 1600 attendees from more than 50 countries.  The exchange combined keynotes from thought leaders, a senior officer from Novartis and Emerson representatives, with 160 presentations, many of these where given by customers of Emerson and gave valuable insights into challenges and solutions from a great variety of industries.  This offering was complemented by training sessions, industry forums concentrating on specific industries and Emerson’s solution Expo, featuring the company’s products and solutions as well as those from partner companies.  This event was completed by extensive network possibilities during and after the program.


The digital workforce

Emerson opened the event with a focus on people, the resources that will enable manufacturers to drive greater business Emerson Global Users Exchange EMEA 2018performance in the future: specifically, the ‘digital workforce.’  By analysing the organizational behaviors of Top Quartile industry performers – those in the top 25 percent of performance among their peers – Emerson has identified five essential competencies as critical to realize the value of ‘digital transformation’:

• Automated Workflow

• Decision Support

• Workforce Upskilling

• Mobility

• Change Management

To support these efforts, Emerson has announced a new Operational Certainty consulting business that helps manufacturers integrate Industrial Internet of Things (IoT) technologies and updated organizational work practices to achieve Top Quartile performance. 

To bring the ideas to life, Emerson will help industry leaders see the near-future of how a digitally enhanced workforce behaves differently through its ‘Digital Workforce Experience’, an immersive experiential environment demonstrating how new and emerging technologies are fundamentally transforming organizations by helping them accelerate, institutionalize, and sustain Top Quartile behaviors.

Emerson Global Users Exchange EMEA 2018

Connected Services

More and more companies rely on outside expertise for monitoring and maintaining their assets.  Emerson’s valve connected services provide predictive insights with the aim to reduce downtime, create safer working environments and provide savings.  By partnering with Emerson, manufacturers can collect vital valve health data from the field and receive more realistic valve failure information than could be generated through modeling. Emerson’s connected approach enables diagnostic data from multiple sources to be visualized and aggregated, and allows team members located around the world to look and work on the same data in a collaborative manner. Analysts can view valve health data and look at valve condition history to determine trends and predict impending valve deterioration, which means maintenance can be scheduled and performed well before an operator alarm is triggered. 

Product developments

On the product side, Emerson introduced enhancements to its Plantweb digital ecosystem portfolio, with new technologies and services targeting workforce productivity and organizational effectiveness.

Emerson has expanded its Plantweb digital ecosystem with the launch of DeltaV version 14, a cybersecurity-certified control system designed to deliver value in capital projects and make plant operations more connected and productive.  This update is designed to improve productivity during operations through enhanced access to production and equipment data, improved usability and greater security.

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