Emerson’s Plantweb Digital Ecosystem Expands with Collaboration Software to Improve Enterprise-Wide Visibility into Plant Health

By Harry Forbes

Company and Product News

Emerson announces Plantweb Optics, a new mobile-ready collaboration software platform that provides an unprecedented view of plant reliability and operational performance. Connecting technicians, engineers and plant management through Plantweb Optics helps transform decades-old work processes, providing cross-functional collaboration and decision-making to help plants operate safely and profitably.

With access to data across an organization, Plantweb Optics translates equipment health data into a user-friendly format and instantly and securely delivers it to relevant personnel so they can make more informed decisions impacting production. The collaboration software improves the user experience with intuitive visualization and customized alerts to reduce or eliminate irrelevant data. On mobile devices, personnel can quickly access equipment health scores any time, from anywhere, and can combine multiple views for easier monitoring of facilities across multiple locations.

Collaboration Software Platform Delivers

As a mobile-ready collaboration software platform, Plantweb Optics delivers higher-level collaboration, better insights, and priority decision-making, all behaviors of Top Quartile performance.

Today, plant management is unable to see critical data from various siloed systems and its impact on broader operations. Solutions exist to connect plant data to other users through complicated mapping processes, but those solutions deliver only raw data, leaving behind the rich information available from asset management systems. Using industry-standard, embedded communications protocols, Plantweb Optics can share data with big data machine learning and analytics software to help create new strategies for asset management and reliability. The collaboration software provides a platform to integrate more enterprise applications in the future for better reliability and operational performance.


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