End-to-end Solutions by LTTS Improves Efficiency and Productivity for Automobile and Power Equipment Manufacturer

Author photo: Sharada Prahladrao
BySharada Prahladrao
Project Success Story

Client’s Background: The client is a leading manufacturer of automobiles and power equipment across the globe. The company was using legacy hardware and manual processes and lacked flexibility, resulting in time-consuming procedures Automobile and Power Equipmentand high production cost. Metrics, such as manufacturing operation utilization and condition monitoring, are effective to track overall equipment effectiveness (OEE), to identify losses, and improve productivity. So, the client was scouting for a partner who could help them in all these aspects. After careful market evaluation and assessment, LTTS (L&T Technology Services) was chosen to execute this project.

Challenges and Requirements:

  • Obsolete Hardware: Outdated hardware with manual data entries for asset health. The client wanted more connectivity options with better controlling functions and Industry 4.0 readiness.
  • Control System: The legacy product had limited control function. The client required the latest programs. Without clean historical data, building effective analytics was a challenge.
  • Real-time Analysis:  Old OEE software made it difficult to measure the utilization of the production line. The client wanted real-time reports to monitor and take actionable decisions.
  • Downtime: The client’s aim was to reduce downtime.  This was done by providing a health report of machines and real-time analysis to track the exact reasons for downtime.

LTTS’ Approach and Solution: After visiting the production site and assessing the challenges, LTTS’ engineers suggested the following:

  • Digitalization: An existing Paragon graphic was created by improving the UI and code in the programmable logic controller (PLC) & SCADA platform. This enabled control of manufacturing processes in the production line through a flexible digital network.
  • Automation: Automatic speed control based on the other dependent machines through modifications in the line and PLC logic. This helped increase line throughput by 5 percent.
  • Asset Health Monitoring: Integration of multiple PLCs to provide a 360-degree view to monitor material movement, cycle time operation, and task time is synchronized and integrated with asset health data, operational data, and video data.
  • Predictive Maintenance: Installation of 150+ alarms to provide real-time data analysis alert on health report of each machine to avoid any downtime; and provide a quick replacement solution.

Business Benefits: The numerous business benefits realized:

  • PLC & SCADA platform for programming helped in Industry 4.0 readiness and better control functions
  • Easy alarm tracking using fault code analysis
  • 7 percent increase in the OEE with zero delays in schedule and zero production loss; 35 percent reduction in downtime; and 25 percent reduction in reactive maintenance
  • Storage of event-based data in video and image format for future reference
  • Reduction in 1 shift overtime cost per month

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