Endress+Hauser’s Acquisition of SensAction Strengthen Its Quality Measurement Portfolio

By Valentijn de Leeuw

Acquisition or Partnership

Endress+Hauser has acquired SensAction AG, a manufacturer of systems for measuring the concentration of liquids.  With this move, the Switzerland-based Group intends to strengthen its quality measurement portfolio.  SensAction will remain headquartered in Coburg, Germany and keep the current staff of 13 employees.

SensAction will operate as a division of the Endress+Hauser center of competence for flow measurement technology headquartered in Reinach, Switzerland.

Already, Coriolis flow measurement devices from Endress+Hauser can determine not only mass flow, but density as well. Electromagnetic instruments are capable of measuring conductivity parallel to the volume flow.

Endress+Hauser plans to integrate the SensAction instruments into its own program and open up new markets via the Group’s international sales structures.  In addition, plans are in place to eventually combine the technology direct with Endress+Hauser flow instruments.

The systems from SensAction measure the concentration of liquids with the help of surface acoustic waves, which are high frequency sound waves whose behavior can be compared to seismic waves created by earthquakes.  By analyzing the transmission time and amplitude, the acoustic parameters of the liquid, such as sound wave velocity, impedance and density can be measured in order to quickly and precisely determine the concentration.  Because they contain no moving parts, the systems are maintenance-free and do not suffer from wear-and-tear.

Apart from developing and manufacturing concentration measurement systems, SensAction also offers supplementary services, such as software products that rely on a laboratory measurement to provide a high degree of accuracy and user-friendliness for the customers’ applications.  The key fields of application for the SensAction instruments include concentration measurements for liquid process media.

The acquisition of SensAction will be effective retroactively from 1 January 2017.  Both parties have agreed to not disclose the details of the transaction.  Stefan Rothballer and Michael Münch, two of SensAction’s founders, will continue to manage the company’s business.


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