Ericsson works with AWS and Hitachi America R&D to Showcase Smart Factory Potential

Author photo: Colin Masson
ByColin Masson
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Ericsson, Amazon Web Services (AWS), and Hitachi have combined their expertise to showcase the transformative potential of edge-to-cloud AI solutions in smart factory manufacturing. The initiative focuses on enhancing quality control using machine vision, one of the top Industrial AI use cases.

Smart FactoryEricsson's Private 5G networks form the communication backbone of this solution, providing high-speed, low-latency connectivity across Hitachi factories. These networks enable real-time transmission of data from production lines to the cloud, serving as a critical component of the edge-to-cloud pipeline.

Edge-generated data is seamlessly transferred to AWS Snow devices, a suite of physical devices designed to run storage and computing tasks in rugged or disconnected environments. In the cloud, further analysis and processing take place, enabling more comprehensive insights into factory operations.

Back at the edge, real-time video of the component assembly operation is fed across the Ericsson private 5G network to an AWS Snowball Edge device running Hitachi video analytics using machine vision AI to detect faults and anomalies in the manufacturing process. This approach significantly enhances the speed and accuracy of quality control, ensuring that any deviations are immediately identified and corrected.

This collaboration shows how 5G can play a pivotal role in industrial applications, especially when coupled with AI and cloud technologies. The ultra-reliable, low-latency communication (URLLC) capabilities of 5G make it ideal for supporting real-time, mission-critical applications such as machine vision.


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