GE Digital’s GridOS Software to Help Utilities Orchestrate the Clean Energy Grid Announced

Author photo: Peter Manos
By Peter Manos
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At the kick-off of DistribuTECH 2023, GE Digital announced GridOS Software to help utilities orchestrate the clean energy grid and accelerate the energy transition. Designed for grid orchestration, the portfolio provides Clean Energy Gridend-to-end alignment of align of grid management software. 

GE’s GridOS is a wide-ranging set of applications as well as a platform and partner ecosystem. It is designed to meet key challenges ARC Advisory Group has identified as vital for utility grid operators to address—challenges which, if addressed well, can be transformed into business opportunities for utilities. 

GE’s announcement shows many ways in which GE GridOS is positioned help utilities play a key role in the energy transition and address the urgent need to respond to climate change and meet key requirements, including: 

  • The need to manage the grid more dynamically to increase variable power supply due to high renewables penetration
  • Ensure utilities have the infrastructure and capabilities in place to respond to a massive increase in energy demand, due to the vital role that greater penetration of electrification will play across all major industries and infrastructure in developed and emerging economies
  • To ensure the required hardening of infrastructure and the required greater resiliency of the electric grid and energy infrastructure is secured, in order to withstand impacts of increasingly more frequent severe weather events and every-increasing cybersecurity and data privacy challenges.

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