GE Vernova Unveils Grid Data Management Software to Unlock a Smarter, More Resilient Energy Network

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ByCraig Resnick
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GE Vernova launched its grid data management software, GridOS Data Fabric, and it is its first data fabric designed for grid orchestration, to help utilities operate a grid that is both smarter, and more resilient, as extreme weather events increase. and as renewable energy scales up.

Grid Data Management

The grid today is more complex than ever before, and energy data is a contributor to this complexity, as this data is dispersed across the energy network, multiplying exponentially and creating data challenges for electric utilities to manage. GridOS Data Fabric uses federation to access decentralized data from multiple sources and virtualization to create a centralized view across the grid ecosystem, from transmission, distribution and the edge, and information technology (IT) and operational technology (OT) applications. This unified data view helps grid operators to discover, govern, and utilize large volumes of highly distributed data to make better decisions faster while orchestrating the grid in real-time.

Energy Data Provides Opportunities for Electric Utilities

As utilities modernize the grid by installing line sensors and smart meters, they are able to gather large amounts of data to enhance grid intelligence. They also need to process an increasing number of external data sources, such as weather, wildfire, traffic, and emergency services information. GridOS Data Fabric is designed to integrate energy data from across OT and IT, as well as these external data sources to facilitate coordinated decision-making.

Collaborations to Scale Up Grid Modernization

Collaborations are key to accelerating grid orchestration and scaling breakthrough technologies that rely on energy data. Itron will leverage GE Vernova’s GridOS Data Fabric to connect grid operations and grid edge data, from sources, such as residential solar and electric vehicles.

GE Vernova’s GridOS strategy is centered around a modular, composable, data-driven software portfolio designed to orchestrate a more sustainable energy grid and help utilities keep pace with the energy transition. This announcement builds on GE Vernova’s acquisition of Greenbird Integration Technology AS and the launch of GridOS in 2023.


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