Halliburton Introduces Automated Drilling Telemetry Service

By Tim Shea

Company and Product News

Halliburton released its QuickPulse Automated Directional Gamma Service, a new measurement while drilling (MWD) technology that provides quick and reliable downhole information at extended depths to deliver wells faster.  This capability helps operators drill longer laterals, make improved geosteering decisions and reduce well time to maximize their asset value.

The QuickPulse system combines directional, vibration and gamma ray sensors with a strong transmission signal that overcomes most downhole interference.  The system automatically prioritizes critical vibration, tool face and downhole inclination measurements enabling rapid drilling decisions.  It transmits data in intervals as fast as three seconds and full survey measurements in as little as 24 seconds.

The system also has a small footprint for up to 70% faster rig-up time and the fully automated signal detection helps increase rig efficiency.

In Canada, QuickPulse recently helped an operator reduce connection time by 30% due to faster survey transmission.  In the Bakken formation, another operator reported a significant increase in sliding efficiency and delivered the wells below their targeted cycle time.

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