Hexagon and Fujitsu Announce Strategic Partnership to Solve Societal Challenges for ‘Trusted Society’

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Hexagon’s Safety, Infrastructure & Geospatial division and Fujitsu Limited will partner to accelerate the development and promotion of use cases to solve societal challenges and contribute to the realization of the ‘Trusted Society’ — a sustainable, resilient place where people can live together in peace and prosperity.

Trusted SocietyHexagon and Fujitsu will work together to provide joint use cases leveraging digital twin technologies and solutions from both companies, including IoT sensors, data processing, AI analysis and advanced data visualization in the cloud and high-performance computing infrastructure. The partners will deploy these technologies to develop joint solutions that deliver richer information and deeper insights to customers in government, the public sector, transportation, and utilities to help reduce emissions, increase safety, optimize operations and more.

The new global partnership builds from the companies’ work to solve urban sustainability challenges in Europe, including efforts to better manage and understand the impacts of shared mobility services in Germany, including a project with the City of Munich


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