Honeywell APCs Deployed to Improve Oil Refinery’s Operational Efficiency

By Shruti Satyan

Project Success Story

Client Profile: Bashneft oil refining complex is a part of Rosneft Oil Company, operating 140 oil and natural gas fields in Russia. The company has an annual oil production of 16 million tons. It also operates three oil refineries based in the southern city of Ufa, with a combined capacity of 820,000 barrels a day.

Requirement: Bashneft oil refineries needed to decrease energy usage, increase the output of target products, and improve the stability of their quality indicators, while enhancing the overall plant operational efficiency. After evaluating the available solutions in the market, the company approached Honeywell Process Solutions.

Solution: The company deployed Honeywell Profit Controller and Profit SensorPro, Advanced Process Control (APC) systems that are elements of the Honeywell Profit Optimization Suite. Profit Controller is software for multivariable technological process control, based on a predictive model. The software contains the optimal set of algorithms needed for automatic control and uses the technological process and virtual analyzer data as input signals. It allows users to track the quality of the products and the profitability of production in real time. Profit SensorPro is the auxiliary software that performs the function of virtual analyzers. In real-time, it calculates the quality indicators based on the measurable parameters (temperature, pressure, raw material consumption, etc.), which enables users to control the quality of products online without waiting, for example, for a manual sampling and laboratory analysis.

Quantifiable Benefits: Honeywell’s APC system has demonstrated a high level of efficiency, paying for itself within the first year of operation. Overall improvement was seen in plant operational efficiency –­ increase in target output, decrease in energy consumption, and stability of quality indicators. Tests and a pilot implementation of the system were conducted beginning in 2013 and have been rolled out at several other facilities since that time. Bashneft currently operates five Honeywell APC systems at its oil refining complex.

Keywords: Honeywell Profit Controller, Honeywell Profit SensorPro, Honeywell APC, ARC Advisory Group.

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