Honeywell Launches Ultrasonic Gas Flow Meter to Provide a New Benchmark in Custody Transfer Accuracy

By Mark Sen Gupta

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Honeywell Process Solutions announced the launch of Q.Sonicmax, an ultrasonic gas flow meter that offers the highest available level of accuracy in custody transfer processes.

Q.Sonicmax’s unique, patented design features the first eight-path ultrasonic meter to combine both reflective and direct paths. This enables Q.Sonicmax to effectively detect and correct for disturbances in the gas flow caused by short inlets, extenders, reducers, manifolds, elbows and a range of other piping elements common in natural gas plants. It also provides for extensive diagnostics to ensure accurate readings.

It meets the accuracy class 0.5 requirements of the International Organization of Legal Metrology (OIML) R 137-1&2 2012 without any exclusions. The OIML, an international, intergovernmental standards-setting body, promotes global harmonization of legal metrology. In their international recommendation, they define three accuracy classes for gas meters.

The meter is also available with SonicExplorer PC-based software. Operators, service engineers, and technicians can configure, diagnose, and monitor the meter locally or remotely, reportedly cutting maintenance costs by up to three quarters.

The Q.Sonicmax is the new flagship for Honeywell’s portfolio of Q.Sonic ultrasonic gas meters. Other meters already in the range are the six-path reflective Q.Sonicplus, again offering flow profile recognition and diagnostics; and the TwinSonicplus, which combines two meters in a single body – one for custody transfer and an independent measurement for verification.

Completing the ultrasonic metering portfolio is the IIoT-ready Meascon software which provides 24/7 monitoring with real-time visibility and complete control of all gas metering stations. Users can easily and securely share real-time and historic data across the site or enterprise. With Honeywell’s Technical Support and secure Ethernet connection, customers can even choose to use Meascon to outsource the entire meter monitoring operation.

Mark Sen Gupta, ARC Advisory Group, commented, “Custody transfer is all about the money. Because of this, it has revenue and legal ramifications, so improving accuracy is crucial. Improving maintenance expense is an added bonus to operating expenditures.”

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