Honeywell Leverages Quantum Computing Encryption to Bolster Utilities’ Data Security Against Cyber Threats

Author photo: Jim Frazer
ByJim Frazer
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Honeywell announced that it has integrated quantum computing encryption keys into smart utility meters, helping protect end-user data from advanced cybersecurity threats.  Honeywell will utilize Quantinuum’s Quantum Origin technology to help increase Quantum Computingreliability and trust in the digitally transforming utilities sector.  

The enhanced security utility meters set a new benchmark protecting against data breaches and help ensure the uninterrupted operation of gas, water, and electricity utilities infrastructure for both residential and commercial applications.  

Quantinuum’s Quantum Origin offers an advantage over traditional solutions by generating keys through quantum-computing-enhanced randomness, making them truly unpredictable and significantly enhancing data security for utilities’ end users.  

Reportedly, no other company in the smart meter market currently offers quantum-hardened encryption protection. The integration of this technology into Honeywell’s Smart Energy and Thermal Solutions’ products will help address the industry’s growing data security needs, particularly as it relates to critical infrastructure.  

Honeywell’s Smart Energy and Thermal Solution products with Quantum Origin are available now to customers in North America and Europe. This integration will further solidify Honeywell’s position in delivering innovative and secure solutions for the utilities sector. 

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