Honeywell Partners with Enel North America to Help Stabilize Power Grids

Author photo: Jim Frazer
ByJim Frazer
Acquisition or Partnership

Honeywell announced its partnership with Enel North America to enhance building automation and demand response solutions for commercial and industrial organizations by using automation to control and regulate energy loads to help stabilize power grids .

Stabilize Power Grids

Together, Enel North America and Honeywell are enabling organizations to seamlessly integrate demand response programs into their facilities while simultaneously maximizing operational efficiency. By leveraging Enel's comprehensive energy portfolio customers can now use automated demand response solutions to help prevent blackouts and grid outages in their communities during peak usage periods.

This strategic collaboration combines Enel's extensive expertise as the worldwide leader in demand response with Honeywell's renowned automation systems in order to provide customers with an offering that enhances energy efficiency, flexibility, and revenue generation potential. It also supports Honeywell's alignment of its portfolio to three compelling megatrends: automation, the future of aviation and the energy transition

As a result of this partnership, organizations across industries, ranging from commercial offices and retail stores to food manufacturing and farming facilities, can now automate their facility operations with no out-of-pocket costs, significantly enhancing their demand response earnings potential.

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