How Field Service Improves with IIoT

By Ralph Rio

ARC Report Abstract


Industrial IoT (IIoT) is being applied at industrial plants, commercial facilities, cities, and equipment OEMs. Among these types of users, this Insight focuses on how and why equipment OEMs are adopting IIoT for aftermarket services. It also provides those in the other segments reasons to include IIoT in their equipment selection criteria. The recommendations include:

  • For remote monitoring services, OEMs need to manage the business processes from alert through to servicing equipment

  • Include “viable IIoT services” in equipment selection criteria

  • Field service management (FSM) solution providers should test and document the integration of their software with IIoT solutions that provide remote asset monitoring


Field Service Changes with IIoT

Why do owner/operators have a general-purpose maintenance staff on-site? The alternative is to have the OEM’s field service technicians maintain the equipment. Unfortunately, without remote monitoring, this leads to unacceptably long unplanned downtime for critical equipment.

Reactive Field Service and Two Pass Repair

Consult with Remote Expert via 3D Glasses rrfsinsight.JPGPrior to IIoT and remote asset health monitoring, maintenance of critical equipment by the OEM was impractical. When the equipment fails, the OEM or its local dealer would be called to notify them of the problem with an urgent request for a technician. If the issue is complex, the first field service visit typically becomes an inspection to assess the problem and determine the needed skills, parts and tools. Then, during a second field service visit, the repair is actually made.

Each field service visit involves a call center, scheduling the technician, and travel to the site. With two service calls, the unplanned downtime could easily extend to two weeks. For most equipment – particularly when needed to produce goods – this is unacceptable, often resulting in production losses, missed shipments, and lost revenue.

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