IFS Empowers Service Engineers with Mixed Reality Using Microsoft HoloLens

By Ralph Rio

Company and Product News

IFS announces the launch of a new proof of concept, developed by the company’s think tank IFS Labs, to reinvent field service management.

IFS Labs has developed an integration between the enterprise applications suite IFS Applications and Microsoft HoloLens that enables service engineers to visualize holographic IFS software data on the HoloLens screen, which is plotted directly on the asset they are to service.

The data is displayed directly in front of the engineer’s eyes, enabling technicians to use both hands when servicing the asset. By displaying information as a real-time overlay, engineers get immediate access to relevant asset-specific data, such as service history, performance analysis, and temperature levels. HoloLens will also make it possible to action the data in real-time by clicking a “work guidelines” button to access service instructions stored in IFS Applications.

By leveraging the integrated HoloLens camera, the solution also makes it easy to document the asset and the service performed and store the information in IFS Applications for future reference.

IFS Labs is exploring making the concept available for other IFS software products in the future.

Ralph Rio, ARC Advisory Group, commented, “IFS Labs has shown thought leadership with the application of Microsoft HoloLens for maintenance and field service. Giving the technician access to the needed information is expected to reduce mean time to repair and improve first time fix rate – which are key metrics for maintenance.”

Keywords: Field Service Management, Microsoft HoloLens, Holographic, Asset-Specific Data, Performance Analysis, ARC Advisory Group.


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