IOT Solutions World Congress 2023

Author photo: Fabian Wanke and Constanze Schmitz
By Fabian Wanke and Constanze Schmitz
Industry Trends

The IOT Solutions World Congress (IOTSWC) took place at the beginning of February in Barcelona, Spain, and ARC was happy to participate as a media partner. The focus topic of the congress was industry transformation through disruptive technologies. Over 330 exhibitors presented their solutions, and more than 250 experts participated in 172 presentations and panels.

Organized by Fira de Barcelona and the Industry IOT Consortium (IIC), IOTSWC 2023 welcomed more than 15,500 visitors, 30 percent more than last year. Leading companies such as ABB, AWS, EuroTech, Siemens, KNX, Relayr, Trumpf, as well as speakers such as Séan O'Reagain, Deputy Head of the Industry 5. 0 Unit of the European Commission, Jessica Poliner, Executive Director of Relayr, and Michael Grieves, Executive Director and Chief Scientist of the Digital Twin Institute, among many others, made IOTSWC a very interesting event.

Cybersecurity, a critical and important factor

The parallel fourth Cybersecurity Congress in Barcelona, organized by Fira de Barcelona and Agència de Ciberseguretat de Catalunya, highlighted the importance of cybersecurity as one of the main challenges in an increasingly digitalized world. In addition, the event featured a Hacking Village with workshops and activities, including several ethical hacking competitions.

I was able to learn many new things, especially the use cases regarding the main topics Sustainbility, Robotics and Cybersecurity were very interesting and educational.  ARC Europe will also discuss these topics at our European Industry Forum in Sitges near Barcelona on May 15-17, 2023. Join us there!

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