June 26 Owl Cyber Defense Webinar with ARC

By Larry O'Brien

Technology Trends

ARC will be co-hosting a webinar with ICS cybersecurity supplier Owl Cyber Defense on June 26 that centers around the company’s new DiOTa data diode.  Unidirectional communication solutions, also referred to as data diodes, can be an attractive alternative to firewalls and can provide a maximum degree of security for IoT applications where many sensors and devices are communicating data to cloud-based applications for analytics, asset management, and a host of other applications.  

Owl Cyber Defense DiOTa Module
Owl Cyber Defense's New DiOTa Data Diode

IoT Cybersecurity Will Have to be Both Scalable and Cost Effective

With a growing base of IoT sensors and edge devices in critical manufacturing applications, the challenge of finding a cost-effective solution to securing network communications becomes greater.  End users also face a cybersecurity resource gap and are continuously finding new ways to reduce the time it takes to configure, engineer, and deploy new technologies in their plants. DiOTa is designed to address these issues and combine scalability with security for the millions of IoT-enabled devices that are being installed, as well as the considerable installed base of devices that will be incorporated into new IoT-based systems.  We’ll talk about these issues and more during the webinar, and you can register here at the bottom of the page.  


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