Largest Energy Storage System in Southeast Asia Opens in Singapore

Author photo: Bob Gill
ByBob Gill
Project Success Story

Officially opened on February 2 by Sembcorp Industries (Sembcorp) and the Energy Market Authority (EMA), the 285 MWh utility-scale Sembcorp Energy Storage System (ESS) located on Singapore’s Jurong Island chemicals industry hub is the largest of its type in Southeast Asia. 

Energy Storage System

The Sembcorp ESS is an integrated system comprising more than 800 large-scale battery units. It uses lithium iron phosphate batteries with high energy density, fast response time and high round-trip efficiency to maximize energy storage, making them suitable for maintaining grid stability. The rapid response time to store and supply power in milliseconds is essential in mitigating solar intermittency caused by changing weather conditions in Singapore’s tropical climate.

A central control system manages the batteries’ charge and discharge cycles according to the grid’s supply and demand. The integrated system also includes the liquid cooling systems or built-in air conditioning systems to maintain optimal operating temperatures. Live monitoring through extensive use of intelligent sensors, security cameras and dashboards tracks the key performance indicators to ensure safe, reliable and optimal performance.

Energy Storage Systems (ESS) are set to play a significant part in supporting Singapore’s transition towards cleaner energy sources, and the Sembcorp Energy Storage System marks the achievement of attaining Singapore’s 200 MWh energy storage target ahead of time. As well as complementing efforts to maximize solar adoption by storing and delivering energy amidst intermittent conditions, the ESS will enhance Singapore’s power grid stability and resilience by managing mismatches between electricity demand and supply.



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