Learn About Cybersecurity for Smart Cities at ARC forum

By Larry O'Brien

Industry Trends

Please join us at the ARC Smart Cities Forum on Tuesday, Feb. 16 for an expert panel discussion on the evolving requirements of cybersecurity for smart cities and buildings. Our panel discussion takes place at 12 PM ET. You can register for the Forum here and view the main landing page for the Smart Cities Forum here.

Smart City Cybersecurity Strategies in The Age of COVID-19

A changing threat landscape combined with the recent advances in digitization and the Internet of Things (IoT) are spurring significant demand increase in cybersecurity solutions for smart cities and building automation systems. At the same time, many end-users and owner-operators struggle with securing an installed base of systems that may be several generations behind today’s level of technology. This mix of old and new systems can create additional cybersecurity challenges. This session will discuss these issues and more, including standards, vendor landscape and solutions, and human capital issues.

ARC Forum

COVID-19 has changed the cybersecurity landscape even further, and many of these changes are going to stick. The exodus of workers from cubicles to home offices is going to be a permanent trend. Even when workers begin returning to offices, office environments are going to change, and more people will continue working remotely. Many of these remote workers will be conducting critical OT level tasks remotely. The drive to remote operations is intensifying, and so is the drive to autonomous operations that require minimum human intervention.

Supply chain risks from third parties are increasing, as we saw with SolarWinds. New technologies like 5G are already being deployed in private networks for critical infrastructure operations, but the 5G spec. alone does not provide for sufficient cybersecurity at the OT level. These issues and more will be discussed in this panel. This session will be moderated by ARC Vice President of Research Larry O’Brien and will include a panel of experienced solution providers and technology experts with direct experience in OT level cybersecurity deployments, assessments, and operational services. Our panelists include:

Fred Gordy of Intelligent Buildings is an industry expert in cybersecurity for building control and power monitoring systems. His control systems knowledge gives him insight into the challenges of interlacing traditional IT environments with control systems for a cohesive and secure operational technology platform. With over 20 years in the BAS space and over 7 years of BAS cybersecurity, Fred is nationally recognized as a cybersecurity thought leader and speaker. He has authored over 30 articles on building control cybersecurity with industry magazines as well as the Wall Street Journal, CNBC, and Healthcare publications. His articles have been featured in the US and abroad.

Joel Rakow is a technology executive providing thought leadership for securing building systems against cyberattacks. He is a CISO and Partner at Fortium Partners (Cybersecurity for Building IoT). Joel serves as SME for the Building Automation Division at ISA. He originated the NeverCry Cyber Defense for 3rd-party suppliers of building systems and the "Electronic Crime and Risk Management Practice" for a national consulting company. He is a former member of PSA’s Cybersecurity Committee for 400+ suppliers of building systems. Joel is a former Harvard University Fellow, a National Science Foundation Undergraduate Fellow, Microsoft Partner Award Winner and Implementation of the Year Award Winner, plus 3-Time PC World’s Best Product of the Year. He is the Chairman of the Amarillo CEO’s Peer Advisory in Amarillo, Texas.

Richard Hayton has 30 years of experience in the cybersecurity industry and is a regular speaker and influencer in the cybersecurity arena. At Trustonic, Richard’s focus has been on enabling the telecoms industry – manufacturers and mobile operators, the automotive industry as well as application developers, to all benefit from embedded security and strong device identity. Before Trustonic, he held various roles at Citrix including Chief Architect, Distinguished Engineer, and Chief Technology Officer. During his 20 years at Citrix, he led projects ranging from embedded software to global enterprise systems, with a focus on user and developer experience.

Anthony Veri of Integrated Network Concepts has over 18 years of experience in communications and IT, and his last 5 years have been focusing on smart technology, wireless networks, and cybersecurity. Having a Lean Six Sigma Black Belt, he leverages lean and continuous improvement methodologies to drive smart decision making, new efficiencies, and reduced defects and waste. Anthony is vendor agnostic, which opens the doors for best solution planning and design when it comes to smart cities and smart buildings. His relationships and training with Tech Giants, SMBs, and Startups give him a vast knowledge of leading and future technology.

John Contestabile works closely with the public safety community at Skyline Technology Solutions, providing consulting services and developing solutions to meet their operational needs. These solutions can involve cybersecurity, video interoperability, communications, and network operations. He joined Skyline in 2019 after 10 years with Johns Hopkins University - Applied Physics Lab where he was the Program Manager for Homeland Security/Emergency Response Systems. In that capacity, he worked with various government sponsors (DHS – S&T, CISA, FEMA, FirstNet) to develop technology projects to meet their needs related to transportation security, critical infrastructure resilience, and interoperable communications (to include geographic information, wireless broadband, cyber and video systems). Before that, he served for over 30 years with the State of Maryland Department of Transportation [MDOT] in a variety of technical/engineering and management roles raising to the position of Acting Assistant Secretary for Administration.

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