LF Edge Continues Rapid Growth as New Projects, Members Collaborate at Open Source Edge

Author photo: Harry Forbes
By Harry Forbes
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LF Edge, an umbrella organization within the Linux Foundation, announced continued project momentum with the addition of two new projects and four new members.

Baetyl, an existing project contributed by Baidu and previously known as “OpenEdge,” extends cloud computing, data, and services seamlessly to edge devices.  Fledge, an existing project contributed by Dianomic and previously known as “Fog Lamp,” is an open source framework and community for the industrial edge focused on critical operations.

Baetyl and Fledge join the organization’s founding projects: Akraino Edge Stack, EdgeX Foundry, Home Edge, Open Glossary of Edge Computing, and Project EVE.  Concurrently, IOTA Foundation, SAIC Foundation (TESRA), Thunder Software, and Zenlayer join as General members.

Launched in January of this year, LF Edge’s seven projects support emerging edge applications across areas such as non-traditional video and connected things that require lower latency, and faster processing and mobility.  By forming a software stack that brings the best of cloud, enterprise and telecom, LF Edge helps to unify a fragmented edge market around a common, open vision for the future of the industry.

About the Newest Projects, Baetyl and Fledge

Baetyl, previously known as “OpenEdge” and initiated by Baidu, is China’s first open source edge computing platform and is now part of the LF Edge umbrella of projects.  It seamlessly extends cloud computing, data and services to edge devices, enabling developers to build light, secure and scalable edge applications.  The result is stronger processing power delivered to edge devices, like smart home appliances, wearables and other IoT devices.   Baetyl joins LF Edge as a Stage 1 project.

Fledge is an open source framework and community for the industrial edge focused on critical operations, predictive maintenance, situational awareness and safety.  Contributed by Dianomic and formerly known as “FogLAMP,” Fledge is architected to integrate IIoT, sensors and modern machines all sharing a common set of administration and application APIs with industrial “brown field” systems and the cloud.  Fledge developers build smarter, better, cheaper industrial manufacturing solutions to accelerate Industrial 4.0 adoption.  Fledge joins as a Stage 1 project.

Fledge works closely with both Project EVE and Akraino.  Project EVE provides system and orchestration services and a container runtime for Fledge applications and services.  Fledge’s verticals (manufacturing, energy, etc.) are starting to roll out 5G and private LTE networks; using Akraino blueprints, Fledge applications and services can be consistently managed as they utilize 5G and private LTE networks.



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